Scotty's Almost-Annual Resurrection Post

If I’m paying to keep this magnificent url, I should probably use the website. Though the frequency at which this happens these days, I’m often left feeling like I’m in a six-foot-deep hole in the ground, prying a coffin lid open with a shovel.

Anyway, some stuff has happened. Almost two years ago I started working for a company that dealt in experimental medical technology. It was three dudes hanging in a workshop building brain-scanning headsets and games that play off them. It was a blast, but alas, not meant to last. Funding dried up and we had to split ways.

The middy and I have talked a lot about moving to England and seeing Europe and to paint a cloud silver; we’d just been given the perfect opportunity. So about six weeks ago we got off the plane at Heathrow and here we are.

I have been treated to the wonderful hospitality of my partner’s extended family while we find our feet. And locate our tootsies we have! For those of you who are Twitter-enthusiastic enough to notice a tweet that should be described as “peripheral” at best may have noticed I got a job. A job? A job! Yes, a job at a wonderful company called Dream Harvest. The team is amazing, incredibly talented and I’m honoured to be a part of it.

I’ve been on board for about two weeks now, learning the ropes and trying to get up to speed on a project that has been active for longer than I’ve been formally in the industry. In short, I’m loving it. We’re going to be moving to Brighton just in time for the Develop Conference and then the office will be opening up the following week. And there we’ll be based, with the English Channel beneath us, the rest of the United Kingdom above us and a full adventure ahead of us.

Just to be clear; this is not going to be a Scotty Takes On Tokyo drawing-a-day revival. It took me six weeks of living in England to even think of writing this. I’ve got several projects on the run at the moment, some of which will make their way here. Eventually. And if you see them; cool. I hope they bring a smile to your face. Apart from that, I hope you are well.

Love, Scott.