Posterboy: Tribal Yet Futuristic

A trip up north to a boutique art shop spied mine eyes a pair of prints that spoke to the designer in me. I'm getting to a point in life where I am starting to notice art from the perspective of a prospective owner rather than someone who finds a digital version to stuff in his 'wallpapers' folder. Given the sizable Student Loan I have to overcome first, I still find myself thinking "Oooh, that would be nice to have; if I had the money and a wall to mount it on."

Typeface Prints.jpg

I am ashamed to admit I forgot to take note of the original artist who made these prints so I can't even give credit where it is due. What I can do, however, is blaspheme against good taste by ripping off these prints in the most heinous way possible. Thus I present to you a print series I have dubbed "Tribal yet Futuristic".

Tribal yet Futuristic.jpg

Consider this post both my debut of these prints and my formal apology for them.