Scotty Makes Games: ...Sort of... It's a Secret

Hey kids. Just another life update. I hope you all had an excellent New Year and a Merry Christmas. I had one hell of a break (which sounds like an oxymoron). I was all over the Eastern half of the North Island and it was choice. At some point relaxation happened.

2017 is looking to be a year of firsts for me. This is my first year of full-time work. No more school. No more university. No more having no more money (theoretically). This is also my first time living under the same roof as my partner and I haven't been put in the dog-box yet so things are looking good so far. I've also been doing a bit of prototype work on the side of my day job that may lead onto future things that have me very excited. It's not for me to say specifics on what it is that I'm doing but it's in the league of this blog; thus the excitement.

Since the work I've been doing isn't for putting up here, it leaves you kids somewhat empty-handed and for that I apologise. Life is a juggling act with different weighted balls. On a positive note, my flatmate Jimmy gave me a great idea for the next poster I'm going to draw which I've made a start on the outline for. So yeah, I'll put up stuff when I have stuff to put up. Until then, sayonara!