Posterboy: Steve Harrington - Monster Hunter

Here's a bit of fun. So the ladyfriend and I both enjoy Stranger Things (on Netflix, get your mind out of the gutter) and have a mutual favourite character: Steve Harrington.

His story is a classic redemption plot; something I am certainly a sucker for. He's fearless to the point of stupidity (or stupid to the point of fearlessness) and consequently completely badass. While enjoying Steve's antics during the second season, I pitched something to the ladyfriend which spurred a very enthusiastic conversation. What if the Duffer Bros. made a spin-off show that followed Steve as he abandons his old life in Hawkins to travel America as a full-time monster hunter? I would watch the s*** out of that show. It would be season one Supernatural before the memes. Good 'ol monster of the week.

So yeah, I decided to entertain the idea a little and made this. Maybe the Duffer Bois will consider it...

Steve Harrington - Monster Hunter.png

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