Scotty Plays DOTA 2: Why Scotty Shouldn't Play DOTA 2

I was going to write an article about the toxicity of the DOTA 2 community (and online play in general); telling an elaborate story about a team of a-holes I fought with my friends who were winning the whole way through (and making sure we knew it) only to lose after an hour long drawl because they got too cocky. Despite it being immensely satisfying to crush them in the final push, that encounter left a bitter taste in my mouth. It wasn't long after that I stopped playing the game and haven't really played since.

DOTA 2 is an incredible game. It's deep, complex, immersive, competitive, social, dynamic and all these other fantastic things. I could very easily write several thousand words expanding on why it's such a good game and how despite all these reasons, I choose not to play it. But something occurred to me that meant such an endeavour would be pointless. The main reason, the real reason why I shouldn't play DOTA 2  is so much simpler.

Dota 2 - Team Fight.gif

I suck at it...