Posterboy: Pokéborne - Amphstein & Snough

Hoo-boy! Two Posterboys in two weeks? You have been busy Scottyboy my friend.

Yes. Yes I have. I've been drawing this one for literally a month. Given the image can be split into two separate ones (and has been) it's practically a double (triple) feature. So yes; pat-pat.

Okay I'm done with the self praise. Here are your posters.

Amphstein and Snough.png

And here are each of them separately in case Snough's nipples freak you out.


As much as I've loved doing these drawings, it's gobbled up my evenings for a solid month. With the Black Friday Steam sale been and gone, I have some gaming I'd like to get into. Also I think the ladyfriend would appreciate it if I actually spent some time with her...