D&D 5th Edition Campaign: SWSTS - Bonus Post

Ooh! What's this? A bonus post after only one week? It was quite a rush to get the last one out so I wanted to follow it up with something that shows the level of detail I'm going for. Also, I wanted to dress things up a little. Who doesn't love a good bit of weathering?

This is a map my Players located in a secret guildhouse specialising in espionage. It places every building in the Rockmouth district but only labels locations that were relevant to the guild's interests. In actuality Rockmouth has 320 different points of interest. Each district is to be design to a equivalent level of detail (thankfully Rockmouth is one of the more densely populated areas and many of the other districts will have a bit less going on - except Lower Ward - I am not looking forward to that one). So yeah, there's still way too much to do but I'll get around to it eventually :D

The main reason for this post is to grant my Players an extra special version of the city map (one they obtained a couple of sessions ago that I only just finished...). One with some extra juicy landmarks, mm-mmmm.

5e Campaign - Kaladoss.jpg