Scotty Talks Life: Changes

Hey kids.

I know I have a bad habit of popping up here and then dropping off without a word and I'm sorry about that. As I'm sure the ladyfriend can tell you, I do this thing if I'm feeling overwhelmed from being too busy where I start locking off things in my head. If there's a task I don't think I have time for, I generally wrap it in yellow tape in my mind that reads "DO NOT ENGAGE WITH" and writing a simple post like "Hey guys, I'm a little swamped at the moment" becomes faaaaaaaaaaar too difficult, so I just don't do it. As the ladyfriend could also tell you; I'm a very dramatic person. I remember being told as much by my teacher when I was nine and it made me want to cry (one; because nine-year-old me thought it was a bad thing, and two; because he was goddamn right).  But it's just how my brain is.

Anyway, my reason for going quiet was because September and October have been huge months for me. I mean HUGE. I became invested in this year's election, doing heaps of political research so I could make an educated vote and not be an apathetic f***. Despite Uncle Winnie hanging off it's face like conspicuous booger, the government I voted for succeeded. I may not agree with all of their policies but I'd rather have the change to red and green (and crusty old grey) than another term of being blue-balled.

So I've got political opinions now.

I spent September driving my flatmate around Auckland to get my road skills up to speed (but within the limit - huehuehue). I've been able to drive since my last year of high school. I was quick to get my Learners, slow to get my Restricted but once I moved to Wellington, getting my Full just dropped off the priority list. Even when I lived 40 minutes from campus I still walked to school each day because it was healthy and I needed the exercise to cope with stress. Once I moved to Auckland, the fact that I didn't have a car combined with work being a simple commute via train meant that getting the Full remained an idle task. In a random spike of motivation I grabbed an AA pamphlet and started to practice.

So I've got my Full License now.

About halfway through September I got a call from the guy I had been doing some prototyping for back in January. It was completely out of the blue and I was on my way to work when it happened. The combination of the train's ambience, his severely Scottish accent and that he was calling from the UK at the time made deciphering the conversation somewhat difficult. I caught maybe 30% of what he was saying so most of my responses where non-committal "mmhmmm's" and I made sure to ask him to confirm all the details via email. What I got that afternoon was an offer of employment and a request to start work immediately. My (no longer current) boss was really good about the whole thing and let me cut my shifts down to three a week on a day's notice. I spent the next month working every day without time off as I transitioned between the two jobs and at the end of it was one of the most satisfying weekends I've ever had.

So I've got an industry job now.

Some might say I've got a life.

Of those three main points the first is probably the least important to me. The most political I get is watching Game of Thrones but I do believe that you only have the right to complain about the government if you took part in establishing it.

Driving has been great. I got cut off today - I feel like such an adult. My older sister very kindly donated her car Baby Blue to my cause (that, and she got deported to Canada or something). With the new job I've suddenly had weekends together with the ladyfriend so I've been taking her to Tauranga and the Coromandel and have plenty more adventures planned for future weekends.

Most importantly; the new job. It's the main reason for this article. I've refrained from announcing it because up until the other day I hadn't actually signed anything for it. The company is called Exsurgo Rehab Ltd. and it's a startup founded by the co-founder of REX Bionics. Everything has been in a state of mild chaos since I joined as we're working in tandem with AUT on one of our projects. It's been a case of "here's your work, here're your deadlines, we'll sort the formalities later." The paranoid in me didn't want to tell anyone I'd got the job in case doing so turned it to smoke. Things started to feel a bit more real once they bought me a new laptop, iPad and the full Adobe suite, but you know, better safe than socially embarrassed.

My role with Exsurgo is head of Software Design and Development which feels like my ideal post-uni job and entry into the industry. We focus on creating technology and software that help people recover from stroke. It's a job that makes me glimmer a little with pride whenever I think about it. Part of that traces back to a conversation I had with a lecturer at Vic. It was First Year and she had just delivered a presentation on Designing for Developing Countries and I remember being really conflicted afterwards. I caught her in the corridor and we discussed things further. The issue I was having is that I wanted to work in game design but entertainment media is a First-World focused industry. Yeah, games help people in a lot of ways and are amazing for self expression, but Halo 8 isn't going to feed those starving kids in Africa my mum used to talk about. She soothed my concerns without crushing my dreams but left the humanitarian in me inspired. What I'm doing at Exsurgo pretty much nails that so I'm feeling good about things.

Admittedly now that I've made the switch to a creative job, I'm finding it harder to commit the energy to stuff like this when I get home. I'm not saying I'm giving up on the blog. I still love writing, I still have stories burning away in my head and I still have so much I want to share with you guys (I literally have a list on my computer called "Things You Could Be Doing" that mocks me from my desktop and it's full of potential posts I want to put up here). As someone who functions best in a routine, I'm going to try and retain my fortnightly posting. Things are a little more consistent now that I'm no longer working two jobs but I can't promise I'll always hit that deadline. God knows the week I try and pick up Scarlet's story again is going to be a hard one...

Anyway, sorry for such a choppy post but that's how things have been. Things are looking up; things are looking bright; so either I'm on the other side or just looking at the sun.