MtG: Wine & Blood Expansion

Now here’s the post I really wanted to write. I’ve had this in the wings ever since I tested it with back in NZ but I didn’t want to post it, else it be the first thing prospective employers saw when they followed the link to my website. More or less it’s a set of drinking rules I came up with the help of my mates to play alongside Magic: the Gathering. Turns out we’re all way too competitive and were more invested in winning the game than getting each other drunk. Either that, or our liquor was too soft.

So the first gameplay feature is relatively simple for people who are already versed in Commander. At the beginning of the game, once each player has selected their deck, they gain access to as many of the following abilities that match the colour of their commander’s colour identity:

Black Chalice.jpg
Green Chalice.jpg

And of course, everyone gets access to the following:

Bathroom Break.jpg

The rest of the rules are referred to as “drinking triggers” and are reactive to player behaviour. All of these are optional and should be added/removed as the players see fit. Not all are meant to be in the game at the same time as some don’t make sense to have active in the same game. Regardless, here they are:

Baby's First Synergy.jpg
Congratulations It's A.jpg
Return Of The Burn.jpg
The Black Plague.jpg
Witch's Bogbrew.jpg
Get That Shit Out Of Here.jpg
Healthy Blood To Alcohol Ratio.jpg
Pace Killer.jpg
Siege The Fort.jpg
The Rising Tide.jpg
Guess I'll Die.jpg
It's Rude To Point.jpg
That's Mr Dickhead To You.jpg

I do apologise to the artists whose work I have shamelessly ripped and disrespected in this post. Looking at some of them though, they maybe should have stayed in the field chaffing wheat.