Posterboy: Gravelord Dito

Hey kids. Today's post is a bit of fun I had at the start of the year that finally got the attention it deserves. Round about New Years my flatmate Mitch and I played a drawing game where we combined characters from two series that have somewhat contrasting aesthetics; Pokémon and Dark Souls Bloodborne. After an evening's shenanigans we had created an array of abominations, such as the 'Tauros Demon,' 'Rom the Vacuous Scyther' and the star of today's post. And so Pokéborne was born.

This charming fellow was one of my favourites. In addition to the two mentioned above, there are plenty more I want to turn into wallpapers. It's just a matter of getting them done.

I haven't flexed my drawing muscles in a while as well so this was a lot of fun to do. Given the time that goes into doing stuff such things, the Posterboy series will be a bit less frequent than other articles. So, like, cherish it or something...