Here lives a collection of videos Scott has made. Most were projects from his study at Victoria University of Wellington.


A Wellington Poem

Inspired by a poem written by Mackenzie Paton, this installation creates a space that explores the motions we experience within the city of Wellington. The city plays with you; it pushes and pulls with wind, rain, people. Using a pair of cameras and projectors, we decided to play back.



Infinity Space

Infinity Space is a project I worked on with Robbie Fordyce. We created the installation with the goal to make a temporal illusion, representing time through space inside the four LCD screens. This was accomplished by a TouchDesigner network recording, editing and uploading footage taken within the space with a preset delay. The resulting experience was truly surreal.



A Portfolio of Rosie Remmerswaal

This interview is a digital record of the works of Rosie Remmerswaal as she undertook her studies at New Zealand's school of performing arts, Toi Whakaari. Rosie is a highly talented and creative individual, and it was a pleasure to capture a snippet of her life on disk. 




A looping set of background animations created for Victoria University's 2015 Commerce Ball under an 'Alice in Wonderland' theme. These were projected behind the band and on the nearby walls.



Wrightley's Escape

A pocket narrative inspired by Pixar shorts that tells the tale a tiny robot trying to escape his workshop to the outside world. 




My first complete animation using Maya. Even coming back to it after years have passed I find something strangely intriguing about it. Spire was developed as an exercise in materiality.