Here are a collection of games (some functioning, some not) that Scott has produced as part of his Jam team pxlpntbttr. "Game Jams" are special events where small teams of developers have 48 hours to create a game from scratch based upon a given theme.


Noble Steed & Rabble

pxljm (Pixel Jam) 2014 - "By our powers combined" - 1st place winner

NS&R is a QWOP inspired jousting game where four players compete against one another in two teams of knight and horse. Each horse must focus on maximizing its glorious charge, each knight aiming their mighty lance. NS&R is best played with a controller.

A playable and charmingly buggy version can be downloaded from here!

Governor Gary's Fatal Function

Kiwi Game Jam 2016 - "He/she/they wander among us" - 3rd place winner

GGFF was made with pxlpntbttr's largest team (six members), which is why the soundtrack isn't terrible for once. GGFF boils down to a lethal game of hide and seek. Somewhere in the crowd is an alien out to kill the governor. They just have to figure out which one they are before the governor does...

You can download a buggy yet playable version directly or from offsite here!


pxljm (Pixel Jam) 2015 - "One rule"

Although not strictly speaking "playable," Warhaus was an exploration of how the Bauhaus movement might have influenced the development of war machines. The original concept was to pit players against each other in small arena where each kill they scored removed an aspect of their functionality (such as the ability to turn left) until their tank had the purest, most minimal design.